In a competitive market, where little effort is required from consumers to switch supplier, loyalty programmes can be an effective method of achieving customer retention and increase overall profitability. When building up and maintaining a loyal customer base, it is often not enough to keep a customer satisfied. A satisfied customer may be still buy products and services from competitors who offer that something extra. This is why we offer solutions for customer retention through Value Added Services.

Why Value Added Services

We offer a range of Value Added Services, which reward customers, and provide the best customers with rewards. This encourages customer loyalty, whilst also improving your company image.

To maximize the potential of your products and services, you must distinguish yourself from your competitors. We have developed a loyalty program that enables public transport operators to reward their customers based on their journey behaviour. This means that people using public transport receive an incentive for travelling. This has a positive effect, not only on profitability of your company, but also for the quality of life in city centres. Crowded city centres can be substantially relieved from traffic which, as a result, leads to a better environment through cleaner air and less overcrowding.

The substantial cost needed to attract new customers, compared to keeping existing customers, can have a significant impact on the company’s overall performance. Therefore, loyalty programmes can give a huge boost to company performance. Despite this, it seems a lot of companies are inconsistently achieving these results when it comes to consumer retention through loyalty programmes.

We have included a sample of Value Added Service projects on this page. This is just a small part of what Telexis has to offer. If you would like to know more about options for your business, please feel free to contact us.

Smart Parking

The smart parking solutions from that we developed enables operators to verify if travelling rules are being followed and whether a discount is applicable. Based on travel behaviour by public transport, a discount can be given at Park and Ride sites. This gives commuters travelling by car the possibility to avoid crowded city centers and at the same time to take advantage of competitive parking rates. By using smart parking solutions, travellers are being rewarded for leaving their car at designated parking sites and continuing their journey by public transport. Encouraging the use of public transport is the primary goal of smart parking.


The loyalty programmes that we offer promotes customer loyalty by means of a point saving scheme. Based on travel transactions, the traveller can save points that are stored in a central system. People who use public transport more often, save more points. These points can be exchanged with designated retailers in the locality of the operator. In some cases, these points can be exchanged for a 100% discount on products or services. The customer, therefore, has a direct incentive for using your public transport service.

Controlled Access Solution

Smart cards can form the basis for a multi-function based system combining access, identification and travel functionality on a single card. Flexibility is at the heart of this solution. A number of individuals are granted access rights to specific areas. This can be at specific times of the day or, if required, configured to meet your specific requirements.

Our Value Added Services Projects

OV miles is a loyalty scheme, where the OV Chipcard is used for collecting points and rewards which can be exchanged for useful gifts or services.

We also developed a solution that enables payment vendors and parking machines to display the latest travel details.

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