Telexis has successfully realized the new SDOA Backoffice system of HTM

By Telexis
In June 8, 2017

HTM awarded the contract to realize its new SDOA central system (Level 3) following an European tender to Telexis early 2016. Following an intensive and constructive cooperation of HTM and Telexis, the realization of this system has successfully been accomplished and the new system has fully become operational.

All the HTM’s OV-Chipkaart (Level 1) systems, provided by the various vendors, i.e. Telexis, Thales and Sigmax for the Check-in/Check-out, the Sales and services as well as the inspection processes, have stepwise been migrated from the HTM’s former to its new Central System. Within this critical migration process, the HTM’s internal business processes as well as its service processes to its customer haven’t got any disruption. The new HTM’s Level 3 is scalable from both operational and functional point of view and is future-proof. The principles of ‘Open-Architecture’ as well as avoiding ‘Vendor-Lock-in’ were set central in this program and have successfully been fulfilled in the practice. De new HTM’s Level 3 enables HTM to execute its internal business processes as well as its services for its customers with a high level of flexibility, quality and reliability at relatively lower costs.

Telexis is very proud to have been the HTM’s partner in achieving the abovementioned challenging objectives. Telexis is responsible for the operations as well as the continuous enhancement of this system in the years to come. In this way Telexis will support HTM, as one of the innovative Dutch transit operators of the Netherlands, to provide excellent services to its customers.

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