Telexis has launched the NFC-Mobile Gold Service for the Public Transport vertical in Dubai

By Telexis
In January 2, 2017

Recently, Telexis has realized a new service for the so-called Public Transport App of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the government of Dubai. This service enables the enquiry and top-up of the Dubai transit card (Nol Card) as well as other functions such as product sales, pick up of internet orders and payment in retail and for online services, through the customer’s own NFC-Mobile handset. In fact this service turns the customer’s handset into an own ticket vending machine, service center and payment terminal in the pocket. This service gives a substantial rise to the customer convenience as well as potential cost savings for the transit operator. The mentioned services can be extended with relative low costs and short duration.

Telexis has realized the app as well as the national NFC-Mobile backend of RTA to enable the mentioned services. The new Public Transport App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Telexis is proud to announce that this innovation has been awarded with the Hamdan Awards that is the most prestigious innovation award of the GCC region.

This Telexis’s solution can easily be adapted to be used by operators in various countries.

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