Smart Parking

To encourage the use of public transport, different municipalities sometimes provide free parking when people are using public transport to and from the city centre (travel and parking, Park + Ride).

We developed a solution that allows a Parking POS terminal, to check the last travel transactions of a medium (such as the Dutch OV chip card), to determine if the commuter has travelled on public transport from the centre to the parking location in the last few hours, and if so, to apply a discount on the parking fee.

This solution is integrated with various parking management systems and is in use in many Park + Ride sites in the Netherlands. In addition, the following additional benefits are possible:

  • Improved customer service by simplifying procurement and improving efficiency and hence encouraging customers to travel by offering a wide range of payment options.
  • Increasing revenue by reducing fraud and administration.
  • Improved operational efficiency by providing comprehensive operational data.
  • Improved control and security by reducing cash transactions and connected transactions.
  • Increasing market opportunities through improved knowledge of customer behaviour.
  • Compliance with local regulations through the application of legal guidelines that apply to parking operators.
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