NS Back Office

All check-in and check-out devices, as well as vending and service counters, of the Dutch Railways communicate with a OV chip card back-office system. NS tried to develop its own chip card back-office system. However, in mid-2014 the Dutch Railways asked us to develop more complex functionality for the new chip card back-office system (program Rhino).

We have therefore proven experience in realizing a chip card back office solution.

The new chip card back office of NS (replacing the current system of EastWest) basically consists of the following components:

  • Security Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Communication (including but not limited to Level 1 S2 adapter)
  • Data (EOD) Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring & Control
  • Enterprise Service Bus

We have also successfully completed the following projects:

  • Security Management (in cooperation with UL)
  • The Level 1 - S2 Adapter part of Communication
  • Data (EOD) Management
  • Extension to Data (EOD) Management - Port Per Carrier

The Dutch Railways asked us to assist in the realization of other parts of Rhino. This was achieved by placing a number of employees in key management positions in the Rhino project. Additionally we were commissioned by the Dutch Railways, to provide support in the implementation and testing of other parts of the chip card back-office system. This has been completed and conducted to the satisfaction of the Dutch Railways.

At this time, various parts of the program Rhino have been put into production. In mid-2016, the new chip card back office is planned to be fully operational.

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