HTM Servicedesk

We have developed a solution which makes it possible to use the HTM service desks with one integrated system. Previously, the service desks were operating with two separate systems.

The service desk works with the our product, the OV terminal (also called Central Sales and Service Server) and a client application (called OV Desk application) installed on the Quarto POS systems, which is used by HTM. This client application is controlled by the employee of the service desk and it also handles the management of the public transport terminal and the cash register.

For some time we manage the service counters to the satisfaction of HTM, at this moment 1 test cash register and 7 production cash registers are in use.

The following features are supported by the HTM Service Desk:

  • Check card information
  • Load Balance
  • Buy products
  • Product return
  • Balance refund
  • Sales anonymous card
  • Activation/deactivation automatic recharging
  • Unblock balance and/or products
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