Telexis realises the first end-to-end EMV payment solution within the Dutch transit

By Telexis
In March 28, 2016
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On Tuesday 15th March, HTM, NS and Translink have announced the realization of a pilot for the payment with EMV within the new HTM vehicles. This announcement was made during a trial run (see: press release). This pilot is being realized by Telexis for HTM, NS and Translink and will be operational in the 4th quarter of 2016. This will be the first end-to-end EMV payment solution within the Dutch OV-chipcard infrastructure. The results of this pilot will be very important for the strategy of the future Dutch transit national payment infrastructure.

Telexis is very proud to have been awarded with the trust of the Dutch transit vertical to realize this pilot. Telexis has supported HTM from the very first steps of the EMV program. With the support of Telexis, HTM defined the strategy for the introduction of EMV payment in the current OV-chipcard infrastructure and translated this into the program for this pilot. HTM and Telexis proceed with the realization of this pilot where customers of HTM will be involved.

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