Our Services

Our technical solutions provide our clients total flexibility, enabling them to optimize the service to their customers, and fully exploit the potential of their business operations.

We are an innovative and pragmatic company which tackles today’s problems with the vision of tomorrow. Our technology mainly focuses on the retailing of electronic tickets (e-tickets) in the public transport sector. We also develop solutions that enable commuters to check in and out of public transport facilities. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the underlying technologies such as Contactless Smart Card (CSC) and Near Field communication (NFC). All our technologies are reliable, future-proof and offer benefits for every operator in the public transport sector. We also specialise in developing tools that improve customer loyalty, as well as providing solutions for the parking and event industry.

Smart Ticketing AFC

Our Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems offer operators of public transport systems, ferry services, parking facilities and toll roads, a faster, more efficient solution, with lower operational costs.

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Smart Ticketing Sales & Services

We have developed a versatile and flexible solution that provides your ticket terminals and service desks with state-of-the art cloud based technologies.

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Smart Ticketing Value Added Services

Our loyalty systems offer the potential for significant benefits for both our clients and your customers. As well as increasing market share, our solutions will stimulate customer loyalty and improve consumer behaviour.

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Smart Ticketing Back Office

Back office systems should be able to collect and store data efficiently. We can help provide systems that operate seamlessly with your hardware, producing clear reports and transaction data as required.

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Facts & Milestones

We have been active since 1999 in the field of e-ticketing and NFC communication solutions. Since the beginning, we have continued to gain extensive experience and knowledge and have been a partner in many challenging projects both at home and abroad. Here are some more interesting facts about us:

Smart Ticketing Since 2003, we have been one of the authorised partners working within the Dutch national smart ticketing program.

Cloud Based Developed the first cloud based solution of the sales and services for the tram operator in The Hague and the implementation of connecting back office functionality.

Wireless Payments Pioneered the introduction and implementation of wireless payments in the public transport sector.

Open Architecture Delivered and implemented the first online AFC ticketing infrastructure for the new tram system in The Hague.

NFC Mobile Dubai Realised and implemented the first NFC Mobile Network for the Public Transport Authority of Dubai.

Back Office Solutions Realised the first open architecture solution and replacement of the existing back office terminal for the Dutch Railways.

Our Customers Include

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