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Current Activities

For 2011 as well as the next 5 years Telexis is expecting a continuation of the growth of its core business. In the current economy Telexis is and will remain a stable business partner. The current team of Telexis professionals will invest in the development of new and profitable solutions for existing and new customers.

  • At present Telexis is involved in the following projects:
  • Telexis is hosting the largest MVNO-platform in the Netherlands (and one of the largest in the world) which includes running wholesale business processes (BSS: including provisioning, rating, billing, fraud detection Reporting, clearing and settlement).
  • Telexis is participating in the nationwide rollout of the OV-Chipcard as a partner of Dutch Rail (NS) where Telexis is delivering key components for electronic ticket distribution as well as Post-Loading data storage and the development of ticketing devices geared at writing electronic tickets to various types of contactless smartcards.
  • Telexis also develops and implements NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions for various companies specifically companies operating in the public transport sector.
  • From a research and development perspective Telexis is a driving force in the development of mobile payment solutions. Developing end-to-end solutions in the telecom and NFC-world Telexis enables customers to use mobile telephones to access a great variety of mobile services.

Telexis bv

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  • 2289 DC Rijswijk
  • The Netherlands
  • Tel. +31 (0) 70 319 3938
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Connect, and get in touch with your future services